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Android Developer


Kirtan Shah



JAVA 85%
Kotlin 70%
Android 75%
Dart 80%
Flutter 65%
Python , C , C++ 60%
About me

👋 Hi! I'm Kirtan, an experienced Android native developer with a passion for creating robust and user-friendly mobile applications.
💡 Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities for innovation. Whether it's implementing complex features, optimizing app performance, or ensuring seamless user experiences, I thrive on turning ideas into reality and pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the Android platform.

Interest Area

  • Native Android Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • AR / VR



Work Experience

Software Developer at Krishitantra

Krishitantra | August.2023 - Current | Mangalore.

Krishitantra is a dynamic and forward-thinking agricultural technology startup dedicated to revolutionizing the way farming is practiced. As a tech-driven agricultural solutions provider, Krishitantra is committed to bridging the gap between traditional farming practices and modern technology, empowering farmers with innovative tools and resources to enhance productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

  • Spearheaded the implementation of seamless Bluetooth communication in the Bhu-Vision app, enhancing the efficiency of data transfer between the app and physical soil testing devices.
  • Developed robust features for sending and receiving commands, showcasing proficiency in Bluetooth technology.
  • Innovatively integrated event tracking features in KarmC, providing users with insights into the environmental impact of various activities.

Associate Consultant at Abjayon

Abjayon | June.2021 - August.2023 | Hyderabad-Ahmedabad.

Abjayon is a technology services provider with focus on two areas – Digital transformation and modernization for Utilities across the globe & Next- generation product and solution engineering services to enterprise customers.
During my tenure at Abjayon, I contributed to transformative projects focused on Smart Meter Integration within the utilities sector. As part of a dynamic team, I played a key role in developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and intelligence of utility metering systems.

  • Designed and implemented RESTful and SOAP-based APIs for seamless communication between smart meters and utility management systems.
  • Developed service-oriented architectures (SOA) to enable modular and scalable integration of diverse metering devices and data sources.
  • Leveraged OSB for middleware orchestration, message transformation, and integration with backend systems, ensuring robust and reliable data flow.
  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, architect solutions, and deliver high-quality software products aligned with project objectives and timelines.

Machine Learning Internship

Coding Superstar | Apr.2019 - Jun 2019 | Bangalore.

  • Implemented ML models. Learned Linear & Multiple Regression,Decision tree,Random Forest,Naive Bayes etc.
  • Worked on projects like Words Prediction,Stock Price Prediction.



Personal Projects and Development


Chrome Extension: TODO List

This extension helps to make TODO list Simple, clean, and beautifully designed with relaxing Light & Dark Themes. A simple and sweet Todo list that you can use in daily to note down important information to keep you reminded.


Chrome Extension: Diary

User can create E-Notes. Color coding helps to improve user experience. Diary( Notes ) has features like Auto Save, Color Coding, Search Note, Edit Note & Delete Note.

AR / VR - Unity , Android

AR Visualizer

This project is based on Visualizing AR(Augmented Reality).
Technology used : Unity, ARCore, Android(JAVA) Project has different options like

  • Object Placer
  • Face Filter
  • AR Shooting Game
  • Doodler ( Unity )
  • Portal ( Unity )
  • Marker AR ( Unity )

Android ( JAVA )

FeatureList - A Hackathon project

Project is implemented within 36 hours in Hackathon. Implemented 5 major modules.

  • Tree Visualizer : User can create BST,AVL,B/B+ tree. Also perform Deletion, Insertion and save the solution to PDF file.
  • Binary-Hex-Oct-Dec Convertor : converts binary to hex,octal,decimal and vice versa.
  • Aptitude Helper : It Solves problems like Calendar, Clock angles.
  • Algo. Solver : gives solution in table format and download it into PDF file and also user can share it.
  • Pre-In-Post : it helps in conversion between prefix,Infix and postfix.
Used basics of Android and Secured position in Top 50 teams.

Java , Swing

Java Mini Games

Technology stack : JAVA , Swing, OOPs. Implemented 5 mini games.

  • Snake Game :A Snake feed game.
  • Sudoku Solver : That can solve SUDOKU using Backtracking Algorithm
  • Tic Tac Toe : One & Two player game
  • Snake & Ladder : Two Player Game
  • Pong Game : Two Player Pong Game

JAVA , Swing

Event-Handler (Java)

There are 4 major events in our college and students need to track all event web sites for participation. Common portal for students, where they can see latest updates of events and through which student can register it self. Student verification and Event Updates send through mail.
Technology Stack : Java, Swing , Mail API , MYSQL .



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